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About Us

Whether it's exploring the coral reefs of the Mediterranean by stand up paddle board (SUP) or paddling with the whales in South Pacific, we are passionate about being the outdoors and on the water.  Based in the Hawaiian Islands (USA), Mountains to Water LLC was created by Stefano Maffini and Taryn Kama, who appreciate being in nature, adventuring, and global travel.  

Stefano and Taryn, partners in business and life, have combined their personal beliefs and professional accomplishments to create a lifestyle brand that is “For Everyone”. Growing in popularity amongst watersport schools across the globe, M2W brings its first wave of streamline designed, durable and adaptable products to the everyday consumer - making outdoor recreation accessible with ease “For Everyone”.

The result of their experience and passion was the creation of high-performance brand that is easy to travel with, durable and innovative. 

Mountains to Water inflatable products—currently SUPs, surfboards, and docks— are a balance of innovative design, durability, and high performance that everyone can enjoy no matter their skill level. All our products come with a backpack, pump, and repair kit. The SUPs come with a three-piece paddle (for SUPS only). We have just added an inflatable dock and blow up kayak.

The M2W inflatable boards are fabricated in one of the most professional factories in the world. They use the newest double-layered welded technology; they are equipped with the highest quality accessories; and have a simple but classic design.

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Mountains to Water loves to work with other like-minded businesses, who promote the outdoors,
fitness and being in the water.

Here is a list of our partners that we support and who support M2W.