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Maui: A Hot Spot for Wing Foil Surfing

Posted by Taryn Givenchy on
Wing Foil Surfing with Takuma RS Wing from Mountains to Water Hawaii

Wing Foil Surfing Has Taken a Front Seat in Watersports: Maui Hawaii is a Destination Hot Spot


Winging is burgeoning water sport and the island of Maui is a hotspot. In fact, the Global Wingsports Association ranked Maui as the "number one destination for winging in the United States."


On Maui, you can seee wingers of all ages, working the wind at Kanaha Beach Park or Kahului Harbor. 


Based out of Maui, Mountains to Water (M2W) has partnered with Takuma Concept to bring the latest wing foil technology and highest performing equipment--hydrofoils, foil boards, and wings--to the market in Hawaii and online. It has also partnered with legendary shaper Dave Mel, to create a line of Sailboards Maui wing foil boards. 


You can see some great wing foil action in this video (by JD Follow Cam) with Stefano Maffini, co-owner of Mountains to Water. He is using state-of-the art equipment: a Takuma RS Wing, Kujira wing foil set and Takuma wing board. 


The Kujira wing foil set is designed for stability and versatility giving the wing foil surfer the upper hand in handling. The RS wing, is the latest in the Takuma wing series and its made for the robust Maui winds. Its carbon handles are designed to alleviate arm fatigue while keeping performance in mind and helping to create smooth jibes. 


Now is the time to grab your wing foil gear from M2W!  Catch those summer winds and fly above the water. Mountains to Water also carries Sailboards Maui Wing foil boards. Check out all our wing foil products at here.  




Takuma RS Wing for Wing Foiling Wing surfing and the Carbon Foil surfing board




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Video: JD Follow Cam 

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